We ARE Everyday People!

Community Initiatives

Whether you realize it or not, everyday people all across the world are being ignored, taken advantage of, or simply mistreated- in EVERY faucet of life. The HARD reality is; we cannot always rely on those who are in positions of authority or influence to help. This is true particularly at the grass roots level.

In order to infect CHANGE in our environments, we must BECOME the change we want to see.  Here at RDW Creations, we developed the "WE ARE EVERYDAY PEOPLE" community initiative page to address concerns within our community. We seek to bring attention to issues that effect EVERYDAY people in the Detroit community.


Do you, or anyone you know, have LANDLORD/Tenant Issues? Specifically with shady property owners who refuse to utilize the courts and take matters into their own hands? 


  1. It is illegal to be evicted WITHOUT using the courts?

  2. A landlord cannot change your locks, deny entry to your property

  3. Disconnect utilities

  4. Use threats, intimidation or force to evict you

These are just a few examples of shady landlord tactics. Currently, there is no systematic way to track landlords who participate in these illegal activities. We want to persuade the officials in Detroit to begin keeping an account of illegal landlord activities to protect vulnerable renters.  To learn more about our petition, please click here.