4 Key Steps to True Happiness

Enjoy Your Work -

Do you love what you do? Life is too short to waste time on activities that we do not enjoy, and this also includes work! Sure, the job may pay the bills but is it leading you towards your true passions and purpose? Hating your job also leads to stress, depression and overall unhappiness.

Guard Your Health-

Take care of your physical, mental AND spiritual needs. Be grateful for limbs that move, a sound mind and general good health!

Enjoy Your Blessings-

If you believe that blessings only come in material form, then you are missing out on all the good that life has to offer! Don't cheat yourself, take time to reflect on the things we often overlook or take for granted. Family, friends, health, peace of mind etc...

Stop Worrying-

Guess what? The past is over. Right now, at this very moment is a golden opportunity to seize TODAY. Accept your present, gather the courage to change things if you must, and most importantly, ask for the wisdom to know the difference! Don't forget, tomorrow is a new day!

Study/Reference: Ecclesiastes 5:18-20

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